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Enlightenment - East and West both wrong

Enlightenment or Jesus - East and West both wrong

 Figure 1  Sadhu at Gangotri

Figure 2    Myself - my first time in India


I suggest you read this if you want to understand me, and possibly also yourself and the rest of us. I try to explain through my own experience why Eastern and Western religion doesn’t work for me. And why it is necessary to develop something better and how that might be done. If your dissatisfied or got doubts about the current religions, I suggest you read this, for another way.



Is enlightenment possible? Or is Christianity the answer? Or has science replaced both? Or is there another way integrating all of the above?



Based upon a Discourse with Mr Travers, Agnostic and Mr Kok Tho, 7th Day Adventist and others




Mr Travers:


And this it seems to me may all be resolved by coming back to a discourse between East and West - Hindu-Buddhism and Christo-Judaism.




Is enlightenment possible, this person existing who is one with the universe so that in effect they have become god, know themselves totally, self realised, in effect perfect – at least in their own mental sphere? I have searched since 1991 when I gave up a law career to find a higher meaning to life and met many claiming this, none have passed the test according to my understanding of the definition of enlightenment. Some like the Dalia Lama certainly exude an incredible peace and spiritual truth, Sai Baba and Amma the Mother also have highly elevated souls and I experienced their energy whilst they were there in dashans. But all have human flaws. Others I have not met like Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri Prabhupada who died long ago also appear close to Godstate from simply reading their words. So there do appear to be levels of enlightenment, but this complete finished state of perfection in the human being does not seem possible. I have not met Satyananda, but I doubt that in my understanding of enlightenment that he has achieved this for the following reasons. I have met Shankarananda and talked personally to him several times and lived in his ashram and he most definitely is not enlightened and under a delusion of such which many others believe in. Mother Terrassa I worked for after her death and although Christian she displayed saintly and enlightened behaviour far above many gurus I have met. I even became a devotee of Osho or Bhagwan Rajneesh after his death and although he had a very Western take on Hinduism and liberating us, he clearly displayed human flaws in sexuality and was corrupt financially. I lived in Sivananda’s ashram near Trivandrum shortly after he died and the spiritual energy was palpable. But he died a painful death and rumours of sexual impropriety abounded. As was the case with Sai Baba and Muktananda of Siddha an ashram I also lived in, in Melbourne. Gurumayi of Siddha displays a short temper and is obsessed with fashion and looks. Swami Radhanath who I met in Mayapur exuded an incredible enlightened bliss energy of unconditional love and has lived a very pious holy life – it is hard to fault him after he attained enlightenment, as goes for Sri Prabhupada. Both Hare Krisnas. I met Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois both top yoga teachers and again they had profound spiritual energy, but Jois demanded money from me in such a manner that I desisted from taking yoga teachings from him. Iyengar was narrow minded with a short temper. Ram Dev who I met briefly in 2015 has millions following him and two TV channels in India and hospitals, and despite the wealth of his organisation he lives a simple monk like life, yet it does appear that there is corruption in his organisation and deals are done over marketing his ayurvedic products that don’t seem honest. I have met countless other gurus in India who are unknown in the West and none of them have convinced me that they are perfect. In 2006 I tried to meet a boy who was worshipped in the jungle who ate no food nor drunk and lived under the trees near Bombay, but even he proved too elusive to find and as I persisted I heard from his followers that he had ceased the practice.  The fact remains we are all human no matter how much we or others try to elevate ourselves. We may rise a lot in the process, but something of this universe will always taint us whilst we are here. It is often amusing to hear the stories of devotees of these gurus justify the less than perfect human foibles of their so called enlightened masters. There is no end to the justifications used to excuse human error and fault and imperfection that would suggest their gurus are far from having a faultless perfect all-knowing enlightened mind. So much so, really any one of us could be considered enlightened if we had enough craven devotees wanting us to be seen as such and explaining away really any sort of behaviour we manifested. The first thing a guru will say when he is caught out making a mistake is that he only knows himself perfectly and not anything else. That is his personal self realisation. So countless errors and misunderstandings in relation to the external world are all excused. And even when he commits errors himself about himself, he excuses these as necessary for his followers to show compassion to him, so are deliberately done for their benefit. It becomes a rather facile linguistic mind game dealing with these individuals, who are often thrive on adoration and are extremely assertively egoistic yet intelligent whilst deluded about the highest state they have attained which makes them perfectly egoless and all others less than them and many times will shed tears at the great loving compassion they feel to humanity, how they have been ridiculed on their path and of course how they love their devoted followers – Shankarananda of Mornington Peninsula is a prime example, now discredited for having sex with dozens of his followers. I use ‘he’ in referring to these gurus because mostly but not always they are male.



I have tried to reach this state, as I said I have seen others claim it and they are all not God nor perfect to me. It simply logically is not possible in an imperfect world like this - all must at some stage fall or fail to reach a state where you are permanently connected to God such that in effect you are no longer the self, no longer your body, in effect have become God. Are at one with this creation and are in effect the totality, have become everyone and everything and nothing such that your individualness or mental ego has permanently completely left your physical body never to return.


The very imperfection of this creation makes it logically impossible for this to occur. Mainly because whilst we are in this body subject to its senses the mind stream is subjected to a barrage of imperfection from its senses and although one can purify a great deal this barrage, or on the contrary defile oneself to the depths of hell as well, one can never stop the barrage whilst one is here. During deep meditation this barrage can be reduced through practice significantly and divine clarity can be touched upon. What a yogi would describe as nirvana or enlightenment. But to sustain this connection once the senses are active subject to the imperfection they transmit is simply not possible. Defilement from the universe and the senses interpretation of the universe is far from perfect and as a result the individual will be making imperfect mental observations and so decisions. There is no way round this. However, the level of imperfection or error can be reduced by spiritual practices including yoga and meditation to a very great extent. Hence these practices continue successfully till today. As does the belief in enlightenment. But not a single guru I have met, read about, and in my own attempts, has not been subject to imperfection in the way they live or fault due to the imperfection of their senses in dealing with an imperfect universe. None, have not shown some degree of selfishness, anger, or attachment to their own being which indicates they have an ego identification as an individual and are not one with all. By their very nature they have to see the world through their relative perspective alone. They really have no choice in this regard as as much as they purify their minds using every tool available and as diligent as they are to remove all samskaras of their karmic past, the very act of breathing and experiencing sensation here will impact on them again and the imperfection of those senses in receiving and transmitting information from an imperfect world will therefore defile their mind stream, contaminate their mind and its responses. It is unavoidable. There is absolutely no way round this whilst you are alive. However as I have stated this selfishness can be much reduced by yogic practices. And an ability to tune into the Divine message of God, the Divine Plan, the destiny for humanity, to harmonise with the creation and find your distinct role in it, can all be assisted through these practices. Though this isn’t the only way and many can connect to their dharmic duty on the planet simply through finding an holistic balance in life between productive work that fully absorbs them and benefits others and leisure. Arguably an excellent mechanic who has a fulfilled family life has reached this state. But inevitably even he will reach a stage where he has to go beyond the mechanics of the world and delve into his spiritual purpose for being. Maybe not in this life but eventually. But even if he advances down this trajectory of spirituality eventually, he will meet the same dilemma of imperfection and the senses that all else have met; and the perfected permanent state of enlightenment will also be unassailable. His senses while still operating will always give him a relative individual truth based on his body’s perspective and a perspective that is doomed always to be less than perfect due to the very nature of our universe.


No, it seems in the end you have to face this world as an individual. Separate always - though dependent on the totality of the creation - a sort of quasi-individuality linked to oneness. Though it does appear that the link to oneness can become very elevated through spiritual practices and many have achieved this as mentioned above.



As close as it comes to perfection, because it can never be perfectly obtained, means that to actually claim having reached this state of perfection-enlightenment or to claim it exists even, appears to be claiming a falsity. And that is why it seems to me traditional Yoga does not work in the end. That is why I have always ended up leaving or sometimes even being asked to leave those ashrams, because they are trying to become something that as close to the truth as it is, is ultimately unachievable. An exception of sorts is the Hare Krisna movement which represents this theology of enlightenment though differing from other yoga systems in the respect of believing like Christians that God or Krisna is forever external to the creation. But Satyananda appears to see that God is us and in the creation and in fact we can become fully connected to God by self realisation - hence it is so appropriate that the cosmic mind has connected me to them. Perhaps to resolve this theological philosophical conundrum. Buddhism doesn’t even believe in God, but it does believe that a state of oneness can be achieved similar to Godstate with the universe called nirvana, or enlightenment, where the self is gone.



In attempting to accept the absurd probably explains why I have felt incomplete or frustrated myself whilst staying at ashrams and been led into behaving in an incomplete and frustrated way as a result; reaching a stalemate when I questioned dogma and often ridiculous rules based on outdated texts and suggested valid improvements to people of limited mental capabilities particularly those who didn’t have the capability of answering the questions and reacted with fear or were seeking a sanctuary to blindly follow a guru unquestioningly and expected that of others, rather than uncompromising truth – which was the reason I gave up a lucrative career to find ‘the truth and nothing but’. Still if I had loved the Yoga organisations and what they stood for I would have been happy to do anything for them. I even offered a full surrender to several yogic organisations, including Satyananda (to Atma in Rocklyn in 2002) but they could not understand what I was doing, largely because I believe they did not fully understand dicha or spirituality, or else thought I was not ready or right for their organisation. An organisation sadly steeped in child sex abuse at Mangrove Mountain – something they were in denial about. I was accepted by Osho's commune for sannyas well before this in 1994, but later rejected them as false.



The concept of enlightenment simply has to be false. I have written this before. And now I propose to explain exactly why it cannot work. Very simply, it is an imperfect world and as such that state of perfection of the mind can never be reached whilst subject to the imperfect senses bombarding the mind continuously from an imperfect universe. I have said the practices are useful and can much reduce that bombardment and bring peace and clarity and love, but never can they be removed perfectly. However Christianity expressly rejects enlightenment and says we can only unify with God through the sacrifice of the son of god - I assume symbolically this means through the death of our self centred ego and surrender to the cosmic self - God or the collective will. Through the grace of god and not our own works that is communicated to us through the holy spirit. We cannot use our own ego to work our way to perfection. Totally opposite to Eastern thought.



The theological issue hampering me is Hindu-Buddhists, it seems to me, have yet to fully work out the issue of grace - that our ‘imperfect’ acts, even though as perfect as we try to make them and even with supreme effort for infinite lives, cannot perfect us to the perfect state of God in an imperfect universe which we are an inherent part of.


And this is what appears to me as false about Satyananda and Hinduism even Buddhism. Meditate enough and you can become God; it was not really receiving God through grace in the form of the holy spirit as the Christians espouse, but neither was it logically doable due to the imperfection of the creation. Hindu's were diy (do it yourself) spiritualists trying to perfect their minds in an universe of imperfection. A bit like someone trying to remove all the salt from the little body of water they occupied in the ocean; try as hard as they can to rid themselves of that salt through whatever means, as long as they are surrounded by that ocean the salt will permeate back in. They can reduce a lot the salt content in the water around them using their yogic tools, but as long as they are part of the ocean the salt will be there. And certainly as their purifying devices take rest or switch off, that salt will come straight back in. They can build big barriers in ashrams, with others sitting there removing the salt, isolate themselves in remote caves in the cosmic ocean of salty existence, but as long as they breath, as long as they exist here, the imperfection that is the very essence of this creation will sultrily seep in, if it could ever be totally removed. The analogy may seem trite but the fact remains imperfection is the state of this universe and there is no way round it. Except of course the Christians… through grace… perhaps?






Yet was there not an hypocrisy in Christianity also, in the form of logic, to accept God's grace in the form of Christ's sacrifice to redeem one's fallen soul, it seemed deceitfully enough acts or works were required, such as at least the act or good work of accepting Christ, who then supposedly acted through the convert to do the good works of the Lord and resist the temptations of the lustful Devil. So in effect they seemed to be lying, as an act was required to gain salvation. So it appeared a very tricky form of underlying works were required to get to the pearly gates after all and receive the nod from St Peter. Or else it was a steep descent back to the temptations of evil of Satan’s earth or to the more fearsome eternal hell realms forever - gnashing one's teeth in the lake of flames of rage?


The sad thing is Christianity appears not the truth either. Though at least it acknowledges that we cannot redeem (become perfect) ourselves by our own actions. It is only through grace. But it seems that is logically flawed as well, as 'actions' are in fact required to accept and later follow grace.

The Christians try to get round this by arguing that they are saved and no works will make any difference. The works are the reward of being saved. They argue that the works they later do are not to remain in a saved state, that has been done for them. But it is a process of sanctification, a sort of purification to get closer to Jesus and more understand him and what they must do on Earth for God. So indeed they must do the good works that Jesus and the bible request of them, including most of all spreading the good word and converting others to the flock. Without doing those good works they won’t be sanctified in Jesus name. Won’t develop in love for Jesus and mankind. So they have to do them and most certainly not do naughty works or bad acts. And if they don’t then they must repent of this sin of transgression through Jesus once again and then do them good works. And if they still refuse they are cast out as either heretics or witches. And if necessary burned in the good old days. They aren’t working their way into heaven or working towards perfection, they are simply doing the necessary joyous works for Jesus to remain and improve their standing and connection to God. When one points out to them what really difference is there between sanctification and a Hindu doing his prayer rituals and yoga to purify his mind and good charitable works for the community to bring himself closer to Godstate, because it looks not much different, the evangelical will strongly refute this. The Hindu has to do it to earn his way into samsara, but the Christian is already saved and has his place in heaven. It is a subtle trick, the Christian in fact is no different from the Hindu, having to do his good works to develop and purify, but the only difference is he has a guaranteed spot in heaven on his death, which the Hindu doesn’t. Christianity appears to be one huge bogus insurance policy guaranteeing your heavenly place if you sign up as long as you keep paying the premiums. You still have to do good works to purify and develop in Jesus’ way. But it isn’t gradually earning a price as Hinduism is, where once you have paid enough in removing samskaras, you reach the price where suddenly you can purchase your enlightenment and are there in the oneness of non-duality. Instead its like a hire lease purchase agreement, you get your place in heaven straight away, then gradually have to pay it off in being sanctified as you develop in godliness and righteous hypocrisy – as millions of born-agains exemplify. Well not quite like a hire purchase because in actual fact you are no better off than the Hindu, you in fact don’t get heaven up front, you get almost nothing like the Hindu, but instead a promise you will get into heaven on death as long as you do your good works walking in the arms of Jesus which will gradually bring you closer to him and being a good person.  Although some Christians say that on accepting Jesus, you have actually entered heaven on Earth through your connection to the Holy Spirit. So for them you get the prize straight up. Though even those admit you have to walk the path and develop in your love of Jesus by learning the scriptures and oft quoting them to the flock at apt times to prove your sincerity. Nothing is more thrilling than a room full of avid Christian bible bashers quoting verbatim their little bits of the good book out loud with great pride and approval from the congregation and upstaging each other on biblical quotations. One wonders how much further civilisation could have advanced had they devoted all that intellectual energy into scientific progress. In actual fact, all tricks and manipulative wording aside, the end result is virtually the same as Hinduism or Buddhism, the good works are required, the purification rituals are required, in order to reach heaven, be a Christian and remain so. Sadly, the Christian insurance policy expires if the premiums aren’t paid.


Though, Nev, an evangelical pastor in Byron Bay, even attempted to wriggle round this one, stating that this wasn’t true, though one did develop through the good works later, as a good Christian, they added nothing to getting into heaven, and no truly convicted Christian would ever not do the good works Jesus directed of him, so that any so called Christian who failed to so do his good works once Christian was not really ever a Christian. So any Christian who later rejected the faith never ever had really believed in the first place. He went further to say that even one’s act to accept salvation and Jesus, was not one’s own but that of God acting through the person – it was not their choice but that of the elect in heaven bestowing grace on them – God did that work for them – this is Protestant Calvinism. But this goes against Christian teaching that one does have to choose to accept Jesus or not, and Christians after being saved are still not perfect, have free will, still make mistakes and sin and can repent them and are developing in their path and are not robots or slaves dictated to follow and obey God – in other words Christians have plenty of choice about their actions and what works they do – good or bad or neither once they are Christian and it appears very much so that their actions and good works are required of them to make them better people and closer to God and to have higher standing in the church. But then Nev also believed Jesus never ever got sick or ill… or farted unless in a perfected Holy Way? Though he does believe he was a man. And Nev believes couples of all the land living animal kingdom got on the ark which covered Mt Everest and repopulated the planet about 4,000 years ago – perhaps some pot plants were necessary as well. That the universe is roughly 6,500 years old, Noah lived 800 years. And every word written in the bible is the literal truth. Nev is not a child, he is in his 50s and was a biologist. Nev conducts his ministry with blasting band music which he plays in and it is hard to hear your voice over the emotive praises to Jesus for saving them, cries to those in pain to come forward and be prayed for, and his sermons are a sort of stand up comedian’s act.. because I suppose that’s about the level of substance behind his belief.

In effect Christians have to do good works to remain, and develop in Christianity, to purify or sanctify themselves for entering heaven. They don’t remain saved if they don’t do that. It is another artful ploy of Christian teaching, offering a huge reward to join the cult that is as false as the reward is. But as I explain later Christianity’s appeal is very much in psychological manipulation of being able to feel high on love and saved from a Satanic evil world in which God is all Good and the Devil all bad. It just wouldn’t sell as well if they admitted the world wasn’t Satanic and just a pretty dull ordinary place with a mix of all things that depended a lot on your choices and the Devil was nothing more than succumbing to basic sense desires or needs and not some heavenly conspiracy to overthrow God and tempt all that are born here to join the evil rebellion to rule the universe.


I return to Christianity because their concept of grace cannot be rejected so quickly without analysing its new concept of forgiveness, which also seems missing in the Eastern faiths - at least to the extent it is essential for Christianity. I digress to explain some basics of Christian faith. A pew is a place where you go to quietly meditate and reflect and pray for atonement in a church. It is the place, the seat where you rest your weary soul in a congregation of like minded people, in order to repent your weekly sins. Atone - ask for forgiveness. The family is the church or congregation. And the news is something recent and unknown and important - hence Jesus is the good news of the New Testament of the coming of the kingdom of God. But most importantly is Jesus died for you so that you could be forgiven by grace.




Forgiveness is necessary as a part of grace, because if I acknowledge to God that I can never be perfect or become God, the only means I can reconcile this to God is by simply bowing down in forgiveness for my sin of imperfection. It is only by grace that God accepts this sole act of reconciliation. This surrender to our imperfect state of sin. If I have an attitude of forgiveness and love to this object being me, then perhaps God will reveal how to deal with this life and show me what I am meant to be doing. But if I try to work it out myself, through 'my egoistic acts', then I am not in grace - I am not accepting my imperfect state, I am not asking for forgiveness to the creator. And as I am insignificant in relation to the whole I will fail, as adamantly all Christians criticise Buddhists and Hindus for in trying to become perfect god self-realised beings without ego. In retrospect this implies that my attempt here in this discourse must be also doomed to failure if I am attempting to work it out myself and not acting through God’s grace in humility. This gives rise to a certain circularity in logic that suggests the concept of acting oneself to realise God, or understand or reconcile with God is not going to work because it is coming from the ego, therefore will also fail. However this might be logically countered by arguing that to make such an attempt even through one's own will is regardless an act to reconcile with God and carries with it an admission of the imperfection that is being attempted to be resolved through grace and so the Lord might beg exception to it as not entirely of the ego. I can well understand if many of you have given up trying to understand at this point, because the nuances of grace and works are too much to mentally bear. It is not easy for me as well to explain this subtle but extremely important constituent of perfection and God. Yet without grasping this one will never really understand Christianity nor why it fails alongside the Eastern faiths.


Jesus offers that final sacrifice of unconditional love of God’s only son, perfect in all ways, sacrificed to humanity, to end all sacrifices we previously made to redeem us from sin for our failure to overcome temptation, that had to be paid for through the priests to God – mostly by animal sacrifice in those days. In an Eastern sense this would be explained as our failure to control our mind to prevent our senses from driving us to act according to our lower more base instincts and purification rituals required then to remove that defilement from our mind stream or karma. Our acceptance of Jesus crucifixion by this act of the perfect God who has descended into His imperfect creation in imperfect human form yet has all the mental attributes of the perfected God redeems us once and for all. Our request through accepting his act of giving up his Perfect life for our Imperfect lives and by us so doing admitting and asking for forgiveness by God for being imperfect (for our original sin of rejecting the perfection of Eden), allows us to then give up our own life for God. The self or ego then should be under the guidance of God through Christ. Hence born again on accepting Christ. By our act of accepting this act of dying for us by Christ we enter grace and are guided by grace and no longer by our own acts.


However, I state again, to me this is a deception as these are still acts - an act of following grace. We still seem to have to act or do acts and by our own will. Even if the acts are no longer our own acts but those of God now acting through us such that we cannot claim the credit or merit of the works ourself and the work itself and its results are seen and become a gift from God such that they are the reward in themselves and not a chore earning oneself into heaven through egoistic pride but instead humility and gratitude at being privileged enough to perform God’s duties through a state of grace, then what of free will and what of the Christian's ability to later renounce Christ? It still seems that some individual control is there and control over those acts such that they are not completely those of God but also of us and our works. Christians freely admit that the journey is not over once one has accepted Christ and that due to the fallen nature of the creation they will fall time and time again into temptation and error, but are forever given the means through forgiveness in Christ to overcome those failures, mistakes or sins, as long as they abide in the resurrection and salvation of Jesus. They retain free will and are not robots of Christ, but servants of God’s mission here to bring all humanity to Christ and so must face the evil of the imperfection of this creation and overcome it through the rewarding efforts of their works of grace. And this I feel contains within it the seeds of undoing for Christianity, as there is no way round the fact that their actions as meritorious and grace filled with the perfect guidance of God, will nevertheless always contain an element of their own imperfect ego individuality and so indeed are surreptitiously still imperfect works of their own required to maintain a relationship with Christ and so are a deceptive taxation for an entrance toll to heaven (which if not performed will lose them their salvation).




In fact is Christ necessary to renounce the self or ego and surrender our imperfection to God? Is it necessary for him to have died on the cross to free us from our ego? Can we surrender our self for God and have God act through us by grace in simply making that choice, as the Buddhists and Hindus would have us believe - albeit through intense spiritual practices to transcend or more mundanely via good works accumulating good karma, or even acting with grace without expectation of reward yet not through Christ? Did Christ in truth simply reap his bad karma for falsely claiming he was God and condemning those to eternal hell who would not believe and follow him?


What of the crucial act of asking forgiveness for our imperfection? [symbolically made by accepting the death of the son of God (our human individual ego) as the price for our imperfection] Is it necessary? Do we have to apologise to God for not being good enough? After all he created us like that if he exists - or she or it. So it would seem somewhat redundant to apologise to God for creating us the way it made us. In fact could even be construed as an insult to God or a lack of gratitude. In fact the concept only can make sense if the rebellion by Satan is thrown in, the original sin of Adam's apple and we are one of the rebels who now has to apologise to get back into heaven. Logically that even collapses if God is all powerful for if he was such he would in a way have created the rebellion or could have stopped it, but he did not, so in a way he is party to the rebellion himself and so must have wanted it that way and so to apologise for what he wanted is again a form of insult to God. If God in his perfection is separated from this imperfect creation and cannot control us as a byproduct part of our free will, then Christians argue that it was not God’s choice but ours and also our choice to make the apology if we want to go back home – a bit like a naughty boy who has runaway from home thinking he can do it better. That provides the link back to the perfection of God from the imperfection of here. Now this argument gives rise to a whole mess of definitions and distinctions. For instance, it begins with a premise that God is limited only to perfection. God therefore cannot be the totality of the existence. Which begs the question what exactly is this universe if it is separate from God though created by a perfect God. And is that really necessary as a precursor to this universe coming into being or just the product of a primitive creation story?   One could also ask, why would God want to create an universe where such an insidious evil rebellion by his most trusted angel would eventuate, unless he was a pretty twisted individual who sought to appoint such a vile evil person over probably many other angels applying with equally valid CVs. It either makes god an idiot or a maniac. And surely one can imagine plenty of universes run by a far more pleasant God than the Judaic-Christian-Islamic that tick along fine without an arch evil rebellion going on and the necessity for God to send his son down to be tortured and crucified, and instead just run like a boring mundane civil service with an occasional exciting Christmas party once a year and four weeks of holiday to go camping. Hindu gods seem far less vile and Buddha also. And the old god of atheism doesn’t even require a god to get all beaten up about and go about apologising to. In fact the Buddhists would argue that Christianity is a direct product of a Jewish mind stream of vile negative acts due to lack of control of the senses and acting through selfish materialism and lust and that failure to direct control of the mind against the base desires through the Jewish system of sacrifices for sin, in other words punishment and material payment to try and control the negative social acts, was doomed to failure and hence Christianity has the first seeds of mind control through controlling your thoughts which are seen as a sin in themselves, not just the acts which is all Judaism addressed. A natural means of understanding a transition of animal sacrifice for doing wrong to mind control, is in a primitive peoples, the symbolic use of an ultimate human symbol of goodness and perfection, the inevitability of Judaism with its messiah concepts, producing an archetype perfect human sacrifice to redeem humans for their inability to control their thoughts due to the passions their senses evoked was highly probable in Judaism of 30 AD. The guilt and personification of God in a man, the torture, misery, and love of the healing priest who does no wrong, and is only all kind except to those that uphold the false sacrificial system for their own profit, or look down on others who do not uphold their purifying rigid laws, is to be expected. The result is although it gives Christians the tools to control their mind to reject the base desires and so act altruistically, the example of the saviour is so extreme that none can live up to it and so ridden with pain and guilt for killing their own God’s son, or not stopping it, that Christianity is riven with guilt and moral extremism. Such that the mind control engendered within it through Christ is extreme also and results in defilement of the mind in suppressing negative emotions and feelings from our base desires, leading to psychological illnesses and rebellion against Christianity. Hence Western nations particularly now they are not so convinced of Christianity yet have no real replacement and are dictated to by that cultural conditioning, now have a great deal of delinquency, domestic violence, drug abuse, marriage breakdowns, sexual promiscuity and a lot of unhappiness in those looking for truth, but doubting, not willing or unable to take on board the extreme mind control of Christianity through accepting and apologising for the death of the son of God they supposedly caused by their evil rebellion under Satan.


3.    THE RESSURECTION as a concept of perfection and absolution?


Just exactly how Jesus death on the cross and resurrection from the dead and ascension to heaven after three days, can absolve all humanity of all their evil or sin, or imperfection, remains somewhat perplexing. We know he is alleged to be perfect in his obedience to God, though human in body, so much so that the holy spirit of God acted perfectly through him to manifest many miracles in healing, even raising the dead. But certainly Eastern yogis have claimed the same without having to be the only son of God. But how is it that God’s son, perfectly following God, allowing divine miracles through the faith of those that believed in him ONLY (one had to believe before a miracle worked), dying due to Roman law on the request of Jewish priests simply obeying their own laws of blasphemy, could on any human’s request, absolve them of all their sin, evil, imperfection, certainly remains a spiritual mystery to most of us and even to the church who state it is by an act of faith that one can accept this salvation – beyond the logic of the mind - conveniently. One has to go back to a mental analysis of the mind and symbols to see why this tool works. One has to make the leap of understanding to see that Christianity is a natural evolutionary process of Western human evolution – culturally, theologically and mentally. Just as the Eastern faiths are for the Eastern evolution. When both sides are grasped then the linking of the two spheres of human conscious development, in the theological brain of Earth can be understood and the process to come to the overall final religion for all humanity can be envisioned and created or evolved. Again as a natural response to the dysfunction caused by the separation of the two spheres from each other spiritually, the globalisation of humanity into holistic thinking requires this as a next evolutionary step for humanity. We are too interlinked now to remain separate in religious beliefs. The world is crying out for the truth and the scientific believable truth that answers humanities reason to be for all of us and has no cultural dissipation or bias. Atheists would say that that point has already been reached through science without religion.


But first a step back to the mental conception of the sacrifice of God’s perfect son absolving anyone who wants to take that gift absolving them of all their faults and what exactly this means and how it can work. From a Buddhist perspective of the mind stream of consciousness the death of the perfect son of God, killed by our lack of love to his divine message of love, indicates a kind of self hatred where we wish to kill that which liberates us through loving kindness. It is that intense cruelty towards a loving being that needs to die for us to fully realise what we have done and how evil we are, in order to wake up to the truth of what love really is through sacrifice of the perfect loving being. By empathising with this destruction by cruelty of a perfect loving sacrifice sent to heal us and bring peace, that an intense emotion of love can be felt to this being. A cruelty created by legalism and rigidly obeying religious laws which looked down upon the weak, poor, criminals, sick and required continual payments by sacrifice to rid oneself of one’s evil actions to a rich indifferent priest caste – Sadducees. A cruelty also perpetuated by a rigid legalistic and morally puritanical group who constantly attempted to purify themselves through rigid laws and looked down upon those who didn’t do this – the Pharisees. By rejecting that legalism for the higher spiritual emotion of loving kindness one is set free from the legal rules and the harsh judgements they perpetuate. Instead one can look deeper into the causes behind actions and respond to a situation in a far more profound and meaningful way that is far more helpful to all. And that emotion engenders love. A very high form of altruistic love that was able to conquer the lower form of legalism. So killing Jesus is a kind of cathartic admission of our own legalistic cruelty opposing simple divine selfless love of others. The guilt for doing such, the remorse of feeling this mistake in us, the realisation that it was wrong to so do and that the blind obedience of laws without love as a basis for them, without love usurping them, can release us from all that failure within ourselves to live up to those laws, to even live up to being a loving kind person, and hence can provide the tool in our mind to ask for forgiveness for all that we have failed to be in terms of obeying rules, of being perfect, and even of showing love in our life. It can provide the conscious trigger of that sense of failure and inability to be good within ourselves, when we consider the perfect love of Jesus in comparison to our lives, and our inability to become him, and so by empathising with his cruel death, we can feel that pain and sadness he felt at his love being rejected and him being outcast as a villain to be crucified and humiliated. In so doing we can forgive ourselves for all that we failed to do or even where we caused harm. We can release that legalistic burden of trying to purify ourselves to become good on our own bat. And psychologically hand it over to the perfect being within our imagination to make right. Not just our imagination but that of the entire church of Christianity. And the mythology of his life as the son of god then can become a reality for us.  His very example leads us on to not respond with anger when attacked. To try and help and heal others and to put them first. To be generous and to detach from materialistic and sexual desires for a higher spirit. To even thank people and bless them for insulting us and giving them love even if they are an enemy. And by doing so we have the hope of entering heaven after enduring this life and living it with the loving example set by Jesus. And the hope of his return and entering heaven with him then on a perfected Earth. But as part of that mass psychological delusion it is absolutely necessary that Jesus will never return though imminently he always will be just about to come back. He cannot return because the myth would be broken, the world would end, the utopia after destruction commence. Which is all impossible. But even if it wasn’t, no Christian brainwashed into this theology would ever want it, because that person’s ability to transfer responsibility for his own salvation, for his own actions and pass that weight or burden of error off to the perfect Jesus would be gone for good. If Jesus came back, then that ideal perfect person, even if he could still so be on his return, would be shattered in every Christian’s belief as to who Jesus was, as their own moral perfect ideal of who they believed Jesus was or is for them such as to take all their sin and wrong would never be met. The expectation would be destroyed as Jesus inevitably could never be everyone’s vision of what they individually perceive Jesus to be for them and their particular universe with all its particular faults relative to their individual life. So inherent in Christianity’s whole concept of redemption through the perfect son of God is that he has to come back to take them to heaven, whilst also never ever coming back so their individual preconception of Jesus as perfect love to them can never be broken.


This is why Christians get so angry at those that have claimed they are Jesus – he just never lives up to their expectations and never could because of their own individual needs from Christ. And arguably the Jesus that may have existed in 30 AD would also never live up to their expectations as well, just as he didn’t to the apostles until after his death – certainly not to Judas. A.J. Miller in Kingaroy, Australia, is one man who is convinced he is Jesus and has convinced others, admittedly not many, and as he is a smart and basically honest and good hearted man with a series of teachings, he has found an elaborate method to convince people he is Christ returned without having any of the divine powers of Christ, even many saints would have performed more miracles than him as he has performed none. He claims he is in a process of understanding humanity as they are now and has to go through a life like theirs in order to do this and it is not until he has worked through all these sufferings now with humanity that he can attain the at-onement of God and regain his miraculous powers. His teachings of divine truth, he is able to teach people now despite no miracle powers and much of this is in reconnecting to emotional truth rather than mental or truth through thought. His elaborate concepts that still place him at the pinnacle of god’s creation, disempowered as he is, begs the question, how is he really any different from all of us bar his claim. And the fact is that he isn’t, except for his teachings of divine loving truth, that are all based on emotional release including through cathartic primal screaming releasing all the hatred one feels to one’s parents who he sees as the product of emotional misery for all of us and once released one is able to connect to the holy spirit by knowing one’s true soul or nature – who one really is – and in so doing connect to one’s opposite half of one’s complete soul by finding one’s true soul mate. These teachings mean that anyone questioning him based on thought or logic are immediately attacked by him as not in tune with emotional truth coming beyond thought. An emotional truth that he dictates to his cult as to what is coming from the divine truth and not. And naturally anything that questions that he is Jesus Christ returned is not of the divine truth. Not a valid or true divine emotion from the holy spirit. He makes predictions including apocalyptic ones about tectonic plate movement and the entire east coast of Australia disappearing under 100 m of water and connected this to the Mayan 2012 prophecy, when nothing happened he said it was a mistake as he was still human and fallible – not at one in being able to get God’s message right yet, though soon he would be there. He also changes the gospels saying they are inaccurate depending on what fits in with his own teachings and personality and current desires, including having sex with his soulmate who he insists we all need to find to become complete. Those that are with partners that aren’t so willing to accept him as Jesus, he generally advises are not their soul mate, this has resulted in many marriage break ups within his cult and a lot of hatred towards him. Naturally he is the archetype example of the perfect soulmate couple – though had to go through another wife and girlfriend before discovering this. He admits he is full of faults that he is working through with his wife Mary Magdalene and various reincarnated disciples including Joseph, Mother Mary, John the Baptist and Cornelius the Roman soldier at the crucifixion, whom I met. I got Jesus on the phone and he said he was too busy making videos about divine truth to speak to me. And I wasn’t taking responsibility by contacting him looking for him to solve my problems or take the weight of my sins on his shoulders as he had enough of his own dealing with himself, Mary and the others. And needless to say a barrage of hate mail which he actively refutes on his website and is extremely upset about. I asked him if he had any divine powers and he told me I was being argumentative and to look at his website which explained why he had none yet. I was about to tell him that I was indeed Judas come to ask for forgiveness for betraying him, as it was just a day before Easter and the crucifixion mooniversary, but thought better of it and people who feel the need to claim to be figures from the past. Feeling a little rejected by the Messiah returned I headed off. The interesting thing is this Jesus is not labelled insane and does have a following who donate generously to him, because he has created a series of teachings that are logical and consistent enough to uphold his divine status as fallen and not the messiah yet and allow others the megalomania of believing in him and also becoming one of the select apostles of the past. Many of his followers are emotionally dependent and become distraught in their attachment to him as that psychological trigger to release all that guilt at not being perfect and instead cruel to the living symbol of the loving perfect sacrifice of God. In that state of delusion they most likely would be willing to do anything for him as Christ – including breaking up marriages (Paul’s teachings against doing this are now overridden by this new Jesus teachings on soul mates). Though he appears harmless enough, this puts him in a very dangerous position of control and the danger of cult abuse is most definitely there and as he is only human and admits it then if megalomania or evil overcomes him there is real danger of a tragedy. And he is pretty much the only plausible way Jesus could come back, otherwise he never will and certainly no Christians will ever welcome him back. Most of A.J’s followers are not Christians, nor ever were and he was a Jehovah, who don’t believe Jesus is one and the same as God in the trinity. One has to note that Jesus himself never claimed to be some other being from the past to prove himself, he taught based just on himself. His teachings were radical and new about unconditional love, though may well have been strongly influenced by Buddhism from the East, which had been around already for 500 years and already had many of these new concepts of love within its teachings. Though humble as he was, he did say he was the only son of God, the only way was through him and that he was the Messiah the Jews had predicted – at least according to the gospels. All grandiose enough claims as they are.


The fact is that the more closely you analyse Christianity and its redemption of your sin through Jesus’ death sacrifice, the more implausible the whole concept becomes. As a kind of cathartic emotional release of the evil within yourself by using the symbology of the perfect loving son of god’s death and drenching yourself in that guilt for his cruel killing out of legalistic religiosity; a religiosity driven by a priest caste that was simply seeking to obey the perfect god through a system of mostly animal sacrifices. And then perpetually trying to live up to his example knowing you never can but will always be forgiven by him, then psychologically an effect trigger is there in the mind stream to try and purify oneself for good. But it is loaded with the cruel guilt of Judaism legalism and sacrificial system leading to the cruel sacrifice of Jesus. Knowing that your works can never save you nor purify you, and that it is only by surrendering to him that your works can be made good or you can be saved and feel god’s divine love, absolves you from the weight of trying to be perfect or good. It allows you to accept second best and have Jesus do the work for you. So for many Christians it is the perfect excuse to improve, but allows them to still sin and always have the fall back of apologising again to Jesus, feeling assured that they need never be as good as He so needn’t try and so never really fully change or take full responsibility. Not to say that Christians don’t transform their lives from evil into good, they certainly do and it has helped many a great deal. But they never have to go all the way in becoming perfect or at one with God, because it’s impossible in this imperfect creation (which appears logically the truth) and Jesus has done that for them (who was perfect). They never have to become Jesus or enlightened. To do good is necessary and the bible tells them how, but they don’t have to strive to perfection as God always provides an answer for them or a way out so that they can then leave the rest up to Jesus or the mystery of faith as many platitudinously put it, or so to speak they can always put it in the too hard basket till Jesus is ready to deal with it through the holy spirit. So they continue to eat meat, drink alcohol, smoke, have sex and so on. They cannot meditate or still the mind, because it isn’t really necessary. They can make prayers to try and get what they want for themselves or others and some of the consumerist born again cults such as Assembly of God make regular prayer offerings for a new sofa or house, along with tithing for the donation bowl – often said with the more you give the more God will provide back – financially; hardly an altruistic motivation for the flock. Often their diets are terrible. Every time they get sick they pray to get better hoping for a miracle from Jesus, rather than looking at root causes due to their lifestyle. They don’t have to make the world a better place because it will all be destroyed anyway when Jesus comes back, so many aren’t environmentally conscious – particularly the moral majority in the US who see global warming as a concept of the left wing communist greeny devil. The Christian based Republican Tea Party opposed health care for the poor, because it was socialism and takes the incentive from people to work hard, but mostly because it would take money from the middle classes who had private medical insurance; even though Jesus would most likely have argued for this, they didn’t have to support it because let’s face it they don’t have to be the perfect loving selfless being Jesus was. They have no objection to business and profiting off others as long as it is basically honest as they don’t have to be as perfect and unmaterialistic as Jesus – he did that job for them – and if they go too far they can simply apologise to Jesus again. They can enter any conflict using lies and cause wholesale destruction, including two world wars and recently in the Middle East, largely over resources and wealth, and engage in killing despite Jesus message not to, because they freely admit they’re less than perfect and somehow they manage to convince themselves it is for the greater good of the world to fight these wars – to bring democracy, conveniently forgetting all the other nations that are undemocractic they couldn’t care less about either because they are vassals of themselves or don’t have billions in oil reserves.  It is really a religion of absolution and abrogation of responsibility as ironically enough A.J pointed out to me when I came to him. Christians themselves provide all the evidence as to why their religion doesn’t work. Certainly the right wing moral majority Christians, though to be fair there are many Christians who are quite the opposite and support socialist policy and oppose war. And as a Christian one could well point to the other world religions including atheistic communism as far worse solutions with far worse results in terms of human love and caring for each other, than Christianity. They may well point out Christianity has in fact produced the best system so far for wealth, environmentalism and social equality and human rights. They may say the Eastern religions are clearly flawed in their end goal of becoming perfect as God. And they would be largely right. It is too simplistic to write off Christianity and its absolution of sin through Christ’s death as abrogating Christian’s of responsibility in their lives and being a religion that is totally false. Many would say it allows us to take on greater responsibility through being shown a path where one doesn’t have to do it all. But, the fact remains that there is something just plain illogical in Christianity that is just unsatisfactory and unbelievable. Has led to its demise in Western countries and confusion and abuse here – a power vacuum as something collapses and nothing is really there to replace it. So let us return to the illogical aspect of Jesus death to find out why we are dissatisfied.


One accepting the death of god’s perfect loving son to absolve one’s own sins forever, logically just doesn’t work. If you do something wrong there will be causes that follow that you have to accept. No one but you can receive that consequence. Another person cannot take what you have done wrong from you. They can help you, they can forgive you, but they cannot change your past actions. That is fixed in reality. If you smash something up, others can help fix it for you if they wish. They can fix it entirely. But it will never change the fact that you smashed it up. And no-one can take that reality from you. Even if someone loves you so much that they fix everything up for you, give you more and forgive and thank you for smashing it up, it still doesn’t change the fact you did it. Nothing can change that unless you change reality itself. If you kill someone then apologise for doing it, you aren’t going to bring them back to life and you will still go to jail if caught. Everyone is caught up in the consequences of their actions here. Jesus is a great myth for absolving ourselves of our own guilt by looking at the sacrifice of a very loving healer and looking up to him in all that we do. But does he actually take away that wrong we did, other than in a psychological feel good sense, he doesn’t change anything. Your wrongs remain locked in the past. Your actions now can mitigate them or make you forget or help you to become a better person by changing your actions and doing good. But ultimately it is through you and your choices and you have to reap the consequences of your past actions, however you can use them to good purpose to make you a better person by learning from those mistakes and not doing them again. Is Jesus death necessary for this? I doubt it very much. Is there any sort of logical proof formed by his death allowing you to be forgiven for all your wrong? Appears to be none. Does it even make sense other than in a feel good psychological absolving of guilt for your own inability to obey god or behave perfectly through immersing yourself in his suffering despite being so loving to be killed by cruel religious legalists? Not really.


It therefore appears that the central thesis of Christianity, the resurrection and salvation through it, is as flawed a concept as being able to attain the perfection of enlightenment that the Hindus and Buddhists claim. The Christian claim becomes more spurious when one considers the validity of Christ as a perfect being in mind. Christians say he was not perfect in body, but in mind and particularly in having the mind of God, or more precisely the perfect ability to obey God and to do exactly God’s will – being his only son and at one with God – and if others showed faith in his attunement to God then miracles could heal them. If one admits that this entire universe is imperfect and perfection cannot exist within it, which is what Christians believe as well, then it is a logical impossibility for anyone or anything to have a perfected mind within this creation, for the very reasons given above about the contamination of the senses by the imperfect universe. This defeats the possibility of enlightenment, but also the possibility of Jesus having a perfected mind as well. He simply could not logically exist within this universe. Some Christians argue that he was not perfect in mind, but made mistakes as any human being because he had to have the human experience here and all its imperfect suffering, but that he was only perfect in his obedience of all that God asked of him. Again that is refutable as if he was imperfect in his human senses which then affected his mind and that is admitted by many Christians, then logically he wouldn’t be able to perfectly obey God as his imperfect senses would result in at least some errors in his actions or transmitting the perfection he received in messages from the perfect God. Possibly that of claiming he was the only son of god and even getting angry and losing his temper in the temple and throwing tables round and vilely cursing priests and Pharisees – all of which are less than loving peaceful acts. Contradictions to a perfected being or even a being perfectly obeying a perfected god. Though once again Christians argue that he was obeying God in throwing those things about and yelling at hypocrites as it was necessary to get the message across to people who a dismayed God felt about their hypocrisy and lack of love. Is this just a convenient excuse for a less than perfect person losing it when challenged and failing to act with loving compassion and care to his enemies, turning the other cheek and thanking them for their insults so one can see more about oneself? Is it just another example of excusing an enlightened guru who then stuffs up and his followers respond he is just doing it for us to see our mistakes? Clearly when Jesus had the expensive oils massaged over his feet by a young adoring woman, Judas reached the end of the excuses and turned back to his old beliefs. Yet the fact remains Jesus was a very loving teacher and healer who could well have tapped into spiritual powers of healing or miracles. He set an example of love and lack of attachment to materialism and self, such that few can live up to it. There is no doubt he was a powerful figure. But the notion that he was somehow perfect in his actions or thoughts is logically flawed as I explained above. As also is the belief that the gospels are perfect truth and words of God – for the simple reason anything of this universe is imperfect and biblical words or not are equally subject to that imperfection, mostly because any words are merely an approximation of reality from a subjective perspective by their very nature, so are certainly very far from perfection as far as logic and reality is concerned. As is the idea that he is the only son of god and the only way is through him to God or perfection. Christian logic goes that as he is the perfect son of god, it is only possible through that perfect sacrifice of a man who is connected to god as god’s son, that we can be redeemed. No other sacrifice is good enough, but the greatest of all and so through that perfect sacrifice our acceptance of it can absolve us of all our imperfection and allow us to have that link to the perfect God whilst remaining imperfect. This story falls on its head when one has to admit that logically there is no way Jesus could have been perfect in this imperfect universe, so could never supply that perfect sacrifice the Christian’s require. Further, even if he was a perfect being giving the perfect sacrifice, it still logically does not follow that our acceptance of this sacrifice would remove our imperfections or absolve us of having them – all for the reasons I gave above. And the story becomes somewhat ridiculous when Christians assert that Jesus had no father, but was immaculately conceived by the father God. Completely implausible – though a common myth at the time started by the Isis mother cult in Egypt – various immortal super heroes of the gods had human mothers and god fathers in Greek mythology as well. Though to simple stupid people it would make sense that if he was the son of god, his father would have to be god. One can well understand why Hindus and Buddhists in Asia were more willing to accept Islam without Jesus as god than Christianity with its primitive mythology that seemed far less logical than their own system of attaining liberation from materialism by becoming perfection through their own actions. Christianity has barely dented Asia as a religion as a result of its illogical implausibility that can only be believed by unprovable tenuous and questionably validated faith. Christianity has only been successful in converting very primitive religious cultures largely based on animism in Europe, Africa and America. It was successful in the Middle East, but was replaced by Islam that expressly rejects Jesus as the son of God and says he was a prophet. It certainly did not convince Judaism. It has persisted for 2,000 years but is significantly weakening in the West. And there is no doubt it provides a psychological tool to take the weight of our imperfection off our shoulders and put it on another, giving us a tool to forgive ourselves for not being able to make ourselves perfect, yet still aspire to be guided or act under a perfect loving man to make ourselves better and help others. It has not been unsuccessful in this regard and we have to respect it by the fact that its message has made the modern world and works better than all other systems yet to date.  Why is it now failing, the answer can be gleaned from the modern methodology of scientific proof and what that has discovered about the world, in particular evolution, which directly challenges assumptions of creation written in the bible. Also modern psychology which can analyse the mind and so see through the tricks and smoke screen of Christianity’s system of sacrificial redemption and expose it as illogical. But let us look at evolution now.




Science has almost certainly proven an evolutionary system of life – maybe not overcome all the flaws in a billion year or more system, but it appears so much closer to the truth than creationism that all sensible educational, scientific, governmental and corporate bodies accept it including most Christian churches – all bar extremist fundamentalists in Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. And if evolution is true then we were never in the garden of Eden as such, instead we slowly evolved from Chimps, who we can now witness as far from being saintly innocent creatures naked in the garden, in fact fight and war with each other and dominate through harems to pass on genes of the strongest male. And they evolved from even less intelligent and more brutal animals. Hence fundamentalist Christians hate evolution, because there seems no point in time where we were perfect or at least perfectly innocent and then committed the original sin against God of seeking the knowledge of god, and so had to be redeemed by a sacrifice or apology to God – through Jesus. Unless one has to apologise for the first DNA replicating protein for forming life by reproducing itself in vanity and disobedience to God in seeking to assert an ability to actually be able to take control and eventually consciously observe the inanimate universe it was in. But again omniscient God must have willed that act, so an apology to God would again cause offence to the Supreme for what should be more thanked with gratitude for giving us the opportunity to live.


Even if evolution theory is not accepted, in fact because of the imperfect nature of this universe it would never have been possible to have perfection here, so Eden and the resulting original sin cannot have ever existed in this universe – though some Christians may try and argue that Eden was never like a perfect heaven, but instead a happy easy going home or garden for two very naïve simpletons who remained eternally youthful and sexually unaware that contained only happy friendly loving and nonviolent in any way creatures except one very phallic and evil snake – free will allowed bar eating the apple of knowledge. How an apple happened to symbolise the gaining of all knowledge is beyond me, unless it was a particular powerful cider. Furthermore even the most basic understanding of modern physics, even putting aside Darwinism, virtually makes Genesis creation of the universe redundant and a primitive myth at best. And if Christian belief is flawed from its concept of creation, logic would suggest that that underlying flaw would remanifest throughout the entire belief system so making it at best highly inaccurate and at worst completely false.






So has science made Christianity redundant? And the Eastern faiths, are they then closer to the truth? Can we somehow after all perfect ourselves through our acts in an imperfect world and become God self-realised - egoless divine beings directed perfectly by god - enlightened?


Even without Christian theology that says we can’t be perfect here, logic would seem to say no. An imperfect universe could not have perfection in it. In fact it could not even have the Jesus of Christianity in it who offers the perfect sacrifice. It would be a contradiction - a paradox. If this was allowed in an isolated part of the whole, then that part would have to be separated from the whole and as we understand the universe all parts are dependent on each other. So either the whole thing is perfect or imperfect; it cannot exist in a combination of the two. And this probably comes down to quantum theory, of observation or perception determining reality – and I will use the example of the experiment to find if an electron is a particle or wave. Depending on how you conduct the experiment you either find an electron is a particle or it is a wave, but each experiment will not show it as both. A choice is required made by the decision of the observer to measure the object as a particle or as a wave. Observe it as such and it becomes that. And it seems to me that this is very much the case for questions of perfection and imperfection. So is a particle perfection and a wave imperfection? Or viceversa? A question of relativity my comrades. You make the choice on that score me thinks. But it appears to me it has to be one or the other - we are either all perfect or all imperfect. We see all waves or all particles but not both. And we can change it according to our own free will between one or the other based on how we choose to observe it. This is the science – at least for the quanta of particles. Does this also apply to perfection?


Quantum uncertainty theory states a particle exists in a certain location as a probability only. The more one tries to pin point it the momentum of it becomes more uncertain. So even our attempts to observe in a certain way an object are subject to limitations or uncertainties due to the inherent inseparability of events and objects in the universe – one being that the particle is also a wave function and that wave function is displayed in terms of a kind of statistical probability of existing at a certain point. However, the constraints on our free will to make observations one way or the other, for instance the very process in our mind that makes us choose the type of experiment to observe which will result in seeing a wave or a particle and the extent that free will of our mind is dictated to by the intrinsic holistic nature of an interconnected universe and so suggesting it may in fact be a delusion that free will exists at all, is beyond my ability to comprehend. In other words who really is making the choice to choose the experimental parameters that will give the results of showing a wave formation instead of a particle in an experiment. Who is controlling the observer’s free will? Other than to say free will is limited as a result of this interdependence with our external environment, and on top of this our observations are limited by our environment and this seems to be all dependent on our prior and current actions. In other words depending on what we have done before will influence how we then choose to observe and so effect the results we then get. And if so this would support the karmic cause and effect nature of reality, and the Eastern view that 'our acts' do make the future good or bad, more perfect or less – in fact it goes further to say that we may not have much of a choice over what we decide anyway due to our environment and our dependence on our prior actions and all others. But regardless of how much control we have over ourselves and what happens to us, how much free will we really have, it appears that the issue of perfection and trying to become perfect in this imperfect universe, comes back to how we choose to perceive and observe this creation as a whole. Even if that choice may be very limited as to what we end up observing. If the wave and particle analogy is correct to apply to perfection, and imperfection cannot exist alongside perfection, then it stands to reason that we are limited in either seeing the universe as all perfection or all imperfection. Not both. Though both may exist as per the particle, but just cannot be seen as such at the same time through the same experiment. If this is true, then enlightenment seems only possible due to a state of our acts being able to produce an absolute perfection in an individual that seems wholly dependent on the individual being able to will the whole creation to becoming such a complete perfection in their own eyes right now before them. In other words they can suspend all judgement that anything is imperfect and simply will their mind to only see everything in the universe as absolutely perfect as it is right now – all seeming imperfection is viewed as absolutely perfect and necessary in the sum total of the harmony of the universal creation. And if that is enlightenment in an individual then it seems to be nothing more than exercising continuous will power to consistently see the universe only as perfect. Whether this concept is flawed or not I cannot say, but it is certainly argued by New Age theologies as the truth. I will try it, experimentally, but at the moment it seems to me that this method of perfection so created in the individual is the only way enlightenment can exist in this world. And it appears to me at this stage that it comes through our works in meticulously obeying rules of order and honesty. Order being perfect, chaos imperfect. But is this a deception? Certainly a Christian would think so as it is a perfection created by acts and not necessarily through the grace of god by Jesus. Does it make such an enlightened being superior to us who see imperfection or an embicile whose failure to discriminate enlightens them? Does achieving such a state have any real benefit, change anything, improve anything, or is it just a delusion in viewing an universe that is so clearly imperfect? Is it all just a linguistic mind game that is really pointless as perfection is really meaningless concept? Is it just another psychological feel good tool to make you happier, much like Christian salvation?


Let us first look at whether attaining this ability to perceive the universe as only perfect right now is to be achieved by seeking order and avoiding chaos – whether this assumption is valid. Chaos theory may well disprove the concept that order is perfection - as Chaos ultimately has order. And this may again come down to relativistic perceptions of reality dependent on the observer's mind and desires - one observer may see chaos another order. The objective nature of reality and truth may be more a result of the universe’s collective state of flux that is ultimately based on many subjective observations statistically evened out by mass observation and concurrence of data. Hence a table appears as a table to all of us objectively, but in reality a table is a mass of particles molecularly bound by electrons that are moving at massive speeds with vast areas of vacuum or emptiness between them, such that in reality it is not solid at all, just given an appearance of such due to light refracting off it and force fields created repelling electromagnetically other distinct energy masses entering its field. So much so, that for all intensive purposes, from all our personal experiences, we can collectively agree a table is a table even if its shape changes a bit or it is located in a different place and made of different material. In general we see a table as a table, but with a bit of manipulation of our perception we can see that table as a mass of carbon particles bonded with hydrogen and oxygen in a vacuum and if we set fire to it we can all agree that will be all that will be left of it. So chaos may be perfection dependent on the experimental parameters and methodology of measurement that shows the patterns of order arising out of chaos. And as a corollary order could therefore be imperfection as we see it breaking down into chaos if analysed in sufficient detail.


Uncertainty theory as to the unstable nature of particles even when observed as such - the probabilistic nature of them - again implies our free will to observe and create is limited depending on laws of physics, the environment and the type of experiment and our technology and equipment to measure the experiment. Even if we want to see a particle instead of a wave, and we chose experimental conditions and methods to so achieve that, we still are limited in the extent we can observe the particle. The particle can be reduced to no more than a probability function of existing at a certain place and time due to its wave function. So wave and particle can never be fully separated as much as they can never fully be observed as both. And so it may be with perfection and imperfection. They are dependent on each other, and the more one attempts to locate perfection the more uncertain its location becomes, the more uncertain its existence becomes and the more aspects of its imperfect nature appear due to the intrinsic relationship between the two polarities.





Therefore is it a nonsense to even discuss perfection or enlightenment? It certainly has dominated theology. To achieve perfection in one self would seem to manifest or amplify imperfection in the external or others due to the interconnected nature of the universe. One result maybe the external or others seeing one as more imperfect as one attempts to attain perfection by purification methods - hence many saints and mystics labelled as mad. Just as in their attempts to attain perfection they more and more see the external world as a hell of imperfection and corruption and in trying to repel that for instance by avoiding a drink with the mates and a steak, the mates regard the newly insightful yogi as having lost the plot and try and convince him of this fault telling him what a weirdo kill joy he has become. From a scientific perspective the whole notion of perfection may best be dropped as kind of irrelevant to the nature of reality. Imperfect and perfect are perhaps relative notions based on the perspective of the observer and what may be more relevant is a balance between the two. This would suggest that the theological attempts to attain perfection and the view of God as perfect and us as not, is an inherently flawed concept that makes all current world religions basing their dogma and goals on a farce, or a nonsensical notion scientifically. They are barking up the wrong tree so to speak. Chasing after the unchaseable. Missed the point. The point being that there is no real purpose in attaining perfection and that God as perfect is a misunderstanding of reality and God. Perfect in itself is kind of meaningless – what exactly does it mean? Without fault, but without fault of what? As a general premise the concept of perfect seems easy to grasp, but as an absolute reality when one tries to define perfection in anything it becomes almost impossible to do so. Because in fact there is no perfection. Other than as an ideal – a perfect mathematical circle that cannot exist in reality due to the fluctuations of a quantum particle world. It is a concept that can only exist in the mind as an ideal or mathematics. If one insists that God is only perfect and the creator but not in the creation, then God can only really exist as an ideal in the mind or as a mathematical equation. It would be very hard to argue that a heaven could exist or even a God with a personality or feelings as by their nature they are relative to each person and would not be perfect. Feelings and emotions by their very nature are not perfect – is there a perfect feeling? I suggest not as it is impossible to define that. Not even a robot could be perfect due to the imperfections within the universe. It is hard to envisage a heaven where people can do anything or have any free will without a degree of imperfection. Interaction and relationships by its very nature seems to imbue imperfection. And as such the whole concept of perfection as an ideal to be reached or attained or looked up to, seems to become extremely limited if not redundant. Why should we even want to attain it even if it does exist? Especially if it is nothing more than a dead, cold ideal mathematical formula with no life and no purpose other than possibly a cessation of existence. Though Tibetan Buddhists call the cessation of existence the emptiness in dependent arising that a Buddha seeks for ultimate truth of reality. Realising this is entering nirvana or ultimate truth. And achieving it gives great bliss and peace to the individual.



E.    Oneness – Is it really there?


Almost all religions seem to say that at some point we are all one with God or the universe or supreme soul. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism all refer to these concepts. That at some stage in the universe’s existence all of the stuff here and energy was all one and the same, connected in one tiny point that still links us all now and is God. The standard model of Quantum Physics theorising the Big Bang supports this theology as it states the Big Bang that created this universe arose from a singularity. Superstring theory goes further to state that there is no singularity and never can be, the universe was never at a unified point of oneness not even at the point of the big bang. The maths of this universe is such that space can never diminish to less than a Max Planck length. Below that you get into the confusion of the quantum frenzy where all laws of physics breakdown. This means that the concept that we are all unified and one at some point outside of time as Hinduism suggests is untrue. The science of Superstring theory suggests though interconnected we are, there was never a point where everything was totally joined – a singularity. So if this theory is true, as is the Big Bang, even at the point of creation of the Big Bang, the entire energy of the universe never was joined completely to a singularity of oneness, it got to a very small point, the Max Planck length, and emerged from that sphere or string. If this is true we were always eternally separate in this universe, even at the time of the Big Bang, which took us no closer together than, nor below the Max Planck length, which is an incredibly small size, in fact makes an electron seem huge. This theory says that the universe is not in fact made up of particles and waves, but instead the quasi form of both – a vibrating looped together two dimensional string like a rubber band vibrating and how it loops and vibrates through many dimensions, possibly 11 or 26, in multifarious ways creates all forces, energy and seeming particles in the universe. However, I have to throw a spanner in the works and add that the standard model of quantum physics states there was a singularity and currently superstring theory is not accepted despite the fact nothing else unifies all the forces with gravity which only Superstring can do. It’s rejected partly due to its cumbersome complexity, that it has been largely deduced from something called Bayesian statistics which estimates the likelihood of something being true based on prior data, and that to prove it is close to impossible which at the moment requires a particle accelerator something like the power of the sun to test it to see if the strings are really there holding us together. Tests on the 9 billion dollar CERN particle accelerator have determined the charge of the Higgs Boson ‘god’ particle at 125 GeV and this too has an effect on the construction of our universe. It puts us on a point of balance between a flat universe and a multiverse. Recent discoveries detecting the graviton and now issues of dark matter and energy are being resolved through speculation of a new particle called the Axion or Relaxion particle, resolving hierarchy, symmetry and dark forces – whilst all confirming modern physics also leave modern science in a state of Darth Vader like flux with neither the Empire or Republic victorious. Unfortunately modern science is very uncertain at the moment about anything, even whether there was a big bang at all is disputed. A new theory can throw an old accepted theory completely out once sufficient proof is found. However generally there is a slow building up process which modifies the old theories giving more depth to our view of the universe. Science cannot be thrown out because it is changeable and evolving with greater technology discovering more complexity. Much of scientific discoveries are fixed. But a modification’s practical result can change everything. To give you an idea of how bizarre physics is, current theories are suggesting the Higgs Boson particle had the mass of an eyelash at the creation of the universe, this is about a zillion time larger than the largest current particle. It is nonsensically large in today’s current universe. At the moment of the Big Bang the universe suffered something called Inflaton effect, a bit like a banana republic’s inflation level, in other words it expanded at an exponential vastly greater rate than the universe now does until it suddenly crashed. And the scientists are now arguing that the particle shrank over time to today’s size when it suddenly switched on the notion of mass and space. At some point at the very beginning of the universe the Inflaton changed and rapidly slowed, possibly when the Higgs or Axion particle had shrunk enough to reach its present level and switch on mass in the universe. They now want to call this particle the Relaxion as it somehow relaxed itself to its current small size after all that inflation.  This sounds like total nonsense to me as a layman. But the mathematics can sort of prove it - see Thing is tweak the maths a bit more with another experiment on CERN and low and behold there is a completely different theory floating about in just a few years’ time and the other is forgotten. Yet there is enough of a build on it all to use this stuff to practical effect in the machines we now use – we wouldn’t have computers, mobiles, gps and heaps of other junk if it wasn’t for Quantum physics. So one can never discard all these boffins theories. And certainly they spend their lives ferociously fighting over them and getting very, very excited. I attempted an astrophysics degree at ANU and after 8 weeks quit when I realised I was never going to find the answer to the universe being here that way. The complexity of physics now is such that unless you are initiated into it with university degrees then you have little hope of ever understanding it properly and that puts scientists in the same god like position of control as priests in the Middle Ages over the peasants. A dumb nod of the head at our modern mass or confession in front of the idiot box when the latest scientific theory splashes across Nine News as a boffin appears speaking to the unenlightened. Go to a meeting of the latter day priests at their university lecture halls as equations the length of your body scrawl across boards and you might as well be a serf trying to understand a theological discourse in Latin by the patriarchs of the church in the Middle Ages. So should we just give up and hand it over to the boffins to work it out. Much like we handed over our religious relationship to God to the Catholic priests in the Middle Ages and paid indulgences to them to get out of purgatory. Another research grant tax funded is our latter day indulgence payment. The universities are the high churches and monasteries we all look up to, to provide the next answer as to what we should do, eat, manufacture, believe, bring up our kids and so on. How far can we trust them and should we? Does it matter?


How can we use science and what little is true of the Eastern and Western theologies to create a complete system that includes spiritual existence without the old religious dogma? What is really important in this life? Why are we here and what can we do now to make the world a better place? What is the most important goal that we need to consider to live our lives fully here?




F.    Bringing the kingdom of heaven here - UTOPIA ON EARTH??



The most important goal of the spiritual aspirant is good mental health – this is my opinion after decades on the spiritual search for truth. Bodily health will flow from this. UOCA's aim is to guide the individual to a supreme state of health, starting with the mind, then working with the body and in the process ascend spiritually to a state commonly known as enlightenment, though is distinctly different from Eastern concepts of enlightenment, which believe that one can become enlightened fully perfect as a human here on Earth. Complete perfection of even the mind is not possible in this Universe and certainly we cannot know everything perfectly - there is no omniscience. However, the Ascension process will try to give the path and the knowledge to leave the material universe completely as a perfected soul. This state of enlightenment is only reached at the end of this process and the final purification is completed once the body is discarded and never before that. As I have argued above nothing can be perfect in this Universe (excepting the concept that the Universe is perfect as it is right now and the enlightened being simply realises this and that becomes somewhat of a linguistic nonsense as I pointed above, which makes the concept of perfection pointless). So accepting that there is imperfection here, in fact it is all imperfect, so too the complete perfection of enlightenment occurs once we have left this realm, however the spiritual practices can purify one a great deal from a lot of the contaminants of imperfection and negativity in this universe. The last steps of purification are done in the spirit world to return to the perfection of nirvana or heaven if that exists. This process will be Collective, in other words it will be done with others selflessly, and it will involve an Unification of all systems - East and West religions, and science. The reason for this is that purification or even trying to attain to perfection, is best done collectively in a community of like minded people otherwise one is constantly subject to defilement from the external world and can go backwards in the process. And that is why the organisation has to work towards purifying all of humanity and the planet itself, in order to reduce the defilements for all of us and then the process becomes much easier for everyone as it is seen to be more normal and the world is as a total in far greater harmony, peace, love and equality and environmentally in a far more sustainable state.


It must be said that in my opinion there is no end to consciousness and the creation, as it also has no beginning and contractospands endlessly in both directions of the macro and micro scale forever infinitely. This is supported by Superstring theory that states that as one goes below the minute Max Plank length, one simply returns or is bounced back into the greater lengths that already exist – for this reason one cannot go below that length which according to the Quantum standard model the laws of physics break down. As to the infinite and beginningless/endless nature of the universe (which is a Buddhist concept) there is scientific evidence that there never was a Big Bang and I personally lean to this conclusion (yet even if there was it is most likely there is a cycle of birth and destruction of an universe that could be infinite as well). I go into greater detail in my theory of physics – which you can see at In fact I have a grand unification theory that goes beyond even ascension that all theories will become true simply due to the belief of their creators and that paradox will be that they can all co-exist together in the multiverses of the cosmic consciousness and that each theorist is linked to an intrinsic universe of their own in all the infinite universes in the multiverse – that way no-one ends up disappointed or feeling they are wrong and another theorist is right and so better than them. This allows even extremists and flat Earthers to have their little bit of the universe or an universe to themselves and still feel a bit content and smug that they too were right. God in all his magnanimity and unconditional love isn’t going to let down anyone, even the most absurd and arguably stupid believer will be given their  own creation myth as a reality, including the aboriginal dreamtime where giant serpent snakes dug out the river systems in Australia. Now I have to admit some of these universes won’t have many people in them and others trillions – the more standard model Quantum joke universes. And there may be a point in time when those theorists leave us and split off into what reality they believe in and the time of incongruity and multiple theories diminishes exponentially like the tailoring off of the Inflaton effect and the stabilising of the Relaxion into a small unchanging particle as everyone ends up in their agreed universe – so determined by the God particles at CERN who preside over the last calculations to determine the universe you end up in. Quite an important judicial job.   In other words there is no end even after supposed enlightenment except to laugh at the cosmic joke of it all and not end up as a hitchhiker looking for a guide to the multiverses, as even if one could purify oneself to finally leave the entire cycle of reincarnation, this attainment to nirvana would also temporary bliss as consciousness never ceases nor begins. Eventually, I believe, the perfected consciousness wishes to return to disorder and chaos of phenomena and so if you like the enlightened entity makes a decision to cease its perfection and become once again unenlightened and defiled so as to continue its multifarious dance of cosmic experience. And unfortunately there is no end to this. One in a way is sealed into looking for the next experience to gratify the consciousness – in all the infinite universes. What exactly that nirvana or heaven is, that perfected state of being in the spirit world is, I cannot say. It may not even exist. Some say it is pure bliss. It seems unlikely much activity could occur there without it tainting the perfection. One would be limited to only acting perfectly, whatever that means. And in fact it might become hellishly dull. Even if there is no such place or nirvana or perfection can never be fully attained through any process, and there is no spirit world to complete that perfection on leaving the body, the joy of living on a planet purified to the state UOCA wishes to attain will be heavenly bliss compared to the cruel mess the world is in now. Below I try and explain the contradictions arising from perfection in UOCA’s goals.


So UOCA’s ascension process for both the individual and the planet is also temporary, however it is worth pursuing as the temporary goal is very good and beneficial for this planet if we make a choice that we want to live in a greener, more peaceful and loving world – I call it The Garden of Eden but most would say utopia – hence Project Eden. See


So I divulge Project Eden. It seems to me I am being directed by God to create this perfect Utopia in an attempt to purify humanity for heaven. You may already realise the faults and contradiction in this statement already from what I have said above. Certainly this is proving a near impossible task though the basic plan for the salvation of humanity on Earth is written by myself – getting beyond the plan to even purchasing a property is proving extremely difficult especially financially due to the fact that virtually no-one else can grasp the value of what I am attempting and so invest in it and this is certainly a reason I am writing this article. But is this so because there is something missing in the attitude of grace in my attempts to create this? Some form of failure in humility or forgiveness that is pervading my actions, which suggests my actions are failing because they are egoistic or self-directed rather than divine or surrendered to God and God in fact has another mission for me or wants me to see something about myself first before allowing this to progress further or in fact the whole project is unnecessary or false. But if Christianity is wrong and God requires no forgiveness then it may be that I am not failing. It is simply I am observing in a way that manifests a delusion of failure that then becomes a reality of failure. And all that is required is a change of perspective. A stepping above my Christian conditioning that tells me that the bible is the full answer and how dare I try and assert another myth ending to Revelations – even if it isn’t blowing up the planet in the process with twelve headed dragons of the apocalypse or whatever and in fact far more pragmatic and realistic. The subtle imposition and sabotaging of one’s vision due to one’s own cultural religious heritage for a greater good can never be underestimated, as ultimately one must take full responsibility for whatever happens to oneself in order to go beyond a stalemate of an old dogma pervading one’s mental processes and so actual living life to the full. 


But that is not the full story because as we know about particles in physics, how we observe does influence results drastically, however even beyond this there are still limitations on the results which the observer sees - the particle never being able to be fully seen as such due to its wave function. So it appears that there are limitations on observing or creating and so this logically must also apply to becoming perfect. The most obvious limitation being the environment or whole existences effects on how I even choose to make my observations affecting my freewill. Therefore my interrelationship to the external to by freewill act in a manner that manifests divine will or the will of the whole - which by definition must be perfection - is restricted by the imperfection of the external whole which I cannot separate from. This external universe of seeming imperfection as a totality must be an expression of the divine will in itself, so to resist it or not see it as such, to view it as imperfection, and try and overcome it by creating perfection in oneself or even to try linking to an external divine will to be guided through it that is perfect, would seem to misunderstand it. A mere desire to see it as perfect is not enough, the attempt in itself will manifest imperfection due to the inherent inseparability of the concepts. An attempt to become perfect will also give rise to the same contradiction. An attempt to bring humanity to that state as a whole must also cause the same conflict. In other words because I am attempting to bring humanity to perfection the exact opposite is manifesting to prevent it - imperfection being an inherent part of perfection. And the closer I come to it the more the uncertainty in the project manifests, the more it wants to fail and resist, the more the imperfect tries to destroy its creation in order to maintain the statistical norm of humanities progress; even to the point that the spiritual communities on this path resist in order to keep the status quo. Am I trying to achieve the impossible by purification in an imperfect universe? It would seem so.


However as I have said, there appear to be definite levels of imperfection and perfection that can be obtained, though subject to a degree of relativity based on definitions of perfection. Hence the religions have survived so long and gurus and saints are worshipped and show many great characteristics of perfection or lack of corruption and great love and peace – Buddha, Jesus, etc. And if this is possible for an individual it should also be possible for more than one, and therefore humanity as a whole. So whilst an attempt to make humanity perfect may be unachievable, an attempt to bring humanity to a more pure state of peace, harmony and greater wisdom and intelligence would not seem to be unachievable, and despite its elements of perfectionism within it is most probably a worthwhile pursuit - if not the most worthwhile pursuit that man (not gender specific) could journey towards as a goal for humanity.


Hence Project Eden and the Unification Organisation of Ascension are worth creating and progressing to transform this planet to a better place more harmonious with nature and love and peace. As though it is unlikely it will turn the planet into a perfect utopia, it will make it far closer to a perfect peaceful and loving abode for the human race to progress and evolve. And even to go beyond the planet to explore the stars. It is a good blue print for humanity. Without a plan, humanity will just flop around according to the market forces of economic consumerism bungling its way forward and possibly destroying itself in the process – we have already come close with nuclear war, and now environmental pollution – global warming. The fact is the mass of intelligent humanity is fleeing the religions and becoming atheist, yet without spiritual guidance or any moral ethical direction beyond money, comfort and some desire to live in a clean world, the majority of people are like a ship without a rudder aimlessly going forward to fulfil their next sense gratification be it sex, food, house, car and job to provide that. Virtually no-one has a world plan to bring this planet to utopia – not even the United Nations. Most haven’t even conceived the notion or thought that it might be necessary. Just assuming that it will all work out if they do nothing and let the world continue on as it does – attempting to fix up the immediate short term problems with no real long term plan. There is virtually no consideration by any human of where he would like to see humanity in a thousand years and what sort of planet he would wish to be on then and why. It is also a major reason why most humans in the atheistic West find their lives pretty empty and meaningless if they look outside their narrow box they live in, why there is so much depression and mental illness, why there are such problems of obesity and ill health, lack of fitness and greed. Why there are such high levels of delinquency in the society including domestic violence and failed marriages. It is really all very logical why we are in this mess now. Because there simply is no valid plan for humanity. No believable religion that keeps up with science and technology and social needs and why we so desperately do need a religion that is the truth for all of us and replaces all the redundant old ones. A religion that gives us the moral compass to live by. And a world to create worth living for we are all basically at peace, loving each other and economically and socially equal. And these are all the reasons that call UOCA into existence now. So UOCA proposes a set of principle rights for humanity to live by and a guide or basic plan to direct humanity to utopia (maybe not utopia, but as good as it could ever get to be alive here and far far better than the destructive mess the Christians wish to see on Jesus return according to Revelations) – see


To rectify any flaws in logic or wisdom in my discourse that I am not aware of and so assisting me in acting in the most beneficial way for the mass of humanity, I am begging you as a daughter or son of God; tell me where I have gone wrong or if I have not then give up your life and come to me and create this utopia. Please read about it at





On the basis I am wrong I will now again attempt to make the full surrender to the guru - master. I offer all my possessions both material, body, mind and spirit to the organisation God represents. They are all Gods. My body, mind and spirit, I offer as best I can to God. If my guru be Jesus Christ then please accept this and bring me home. Or help me resolve this theological issue of enlightenment, so that I can follow and find the truth and be happy? And find my home and hopefully my wife and family. I am enduring a lot of pain. Think very carefully how you direct me next. I would hope it would lead to immense love. I am familiar enough with spirituality to understand our interconnectedness.


From an egoless perspective of unity, there should be no difference between us. In other words I have had your incarnation and you have had mine. This is simply a meeting of the one self, atma, across time. Excepting that current superstring theory states at the moment of the big bang the universe was never completely unified as a singularity where we were at one time all one at one dimensionless point - there was a limit and that being the minute Max Planck length - the universe manifested into being from that size from the appearance of a single looped vibrating string of energy which exploded into being unleashing the four rolled out dimensions of space and time, seven dimensions of space remaining rolled up to the present day.


Still we came close enough to being one so that for the purposes of harmony we can probably state we were one then. And even if we were never completely joined it was so close that it probably makes no difference to see us as one or at the very least make that assumption for the purposes of empathising and understanding my fellow man and this creation as a whole. So put simply if I treat you as myself, I should only want the best for you. And in truth vice versa.


I believe you want to treat me with respect. That you do not want a repetition of the negative past experiences. That you want a positive outcome for both of us. I am still seeking a partner and wife to have children. I am being truthful. This partner must be spiritual, vegetarian-vegan-raw, yogic, drug (alcohol/tobacco) free, tallish 5'8", less than 40 above 30, good figure, slenderish, fit, like the outdoors and hiking, intelligent and on a solid foundation as regards the truth and speak very good English. Must want to have children and marry soon. Must be pretty, honest and kindly with good teeth. Preferably can touch type. And have no aggressive problems or illnesses/diseases. If she is not with you please use your prayer powers to direct me to her. I will be forever in your debt if you succeed in doing this for me.


In return I will offer whatever will best make you happy.




Mr Kok Tho:


Dear James,


God ( The Father ) draws your precious soul to Himself through His Son Jesus Christ.

And Jesus shares Himself with you, personally....

Through that one death and that one resurrection, which He wrought in His life.

He is the Door.... the Portal thru which you cross:

From death to life

From the carnal to the divine

From being evil to being righteous

From selfish fears to selfless love

When you desire His life ( values/character ) so very much,

but find that you have failed to bring it about in your own life,

When you wish to identify with everything that is Him and give up on everything that is of your old self,

You can take your full share in His death and His resurrection,

He is your Door to His life.... for you.

And so it is said that when God draws your soul to Himself, He cuts self from your soul

That you may have the strength of His selfless love.

Christ is the only Way


May God bless you





Mr Travers:


Dear Kok Tho,


Thankyou for your advice. I am to a degree in hell. I think that would be a fair summation given the nightmares I am having in the YHA sleeping in dormitories with, in my opinion, young men who have not established a proper moral foundation for their lives or in campgrounds across Australia searching for the home, the utopia, the place where it all can begin and end. Currently I am in Byron Bay, the Mecca of the Spiritual New Age in Australia – where every bangle under the sun dongles from some abode and almost any batty belief system is given a shot, hence it collects a lot of international backpackers searching for meaning and a good time surfing. Unfortunately unless I get the answer exactly right I will be remaining there. It would be easy for me to simply ask you to let me work for you and escape a vile Melbourne. But my powers of prediction detect that something is wrong in this solution. I know I am being drained at the moment. But I am so acutely aware of the position I am in that I cannot make another mistake. Decades of errors, many very painful ones have put me in this position because so many times I have weakened and hoped that the answer was the truth and I have been wrong. And the test has become more and more unpleasant, until I can virtually not tolerate it anymore. When one's own family, brother, sister, mother and father belittle one for following a path of virtue, when one's friends do the same, when one is left isolated, unemployed, homeless, for not compromising the truth and for seeking universal love one really wonders if this is actually an evil planet.




I have tried many times to surrender to Christ. All have failed. I can only put it that we are all Christ. Sons and daughters of the divine just veiled from that awareness. To me Jesus came to show us how to attain this godstate. I used to believe that that state was the same as Hindu-Buddhist enlightenment but for the reasons I sent you I now doubt that. And also for the reasons I sent I doubt Christianity's explanation. I am sorry to say that I did not find your response satisfactory in answering my questions on perfection and grace and forgiveness - nor in addressing modern science, evolution, and the Bible's creation story and clear faults in it. My experience with Adventists is that they are literalists in interpreting the bible despite almost all denominations accepting it as largely metaphorical due to the acceptance of clear proof from science - this includes even the most conservative and resistant to change Christian church - Catholicism (many scientists paid with their life for going against this church, Galileo was jailed for asserting the Earth went round the Sun and more so proving it, you may laugh at this now, but is not the Adventist church still advocating that the planet is only 6500 years old for the simple stubborn reason that an ancient text's genealogy can be traced back to that date as the time of Genesis; many Adventists have likened the Catholic's to the anti-Christ, but to my mind it is the Catholics who have now accepted (albeit very reluctantly and only as a result of overwhelming evidence to support such a change - similar dare I say to accepting Galileo’s truth of the spatial relationship of the Earth to the Sun) the truth while the Adventists are clinging on to redundant teachings about the age of the Earth and by stating Catholicism is the Beast in a way against the teachings of even Jesus by making spurious and hostile claims against the Catholic church on a rather biased and dubious interpretation of Revelations, rather than accepting Jesus' teachings of love and compassion for all and seeing all the Christian churches as part of Jesus and so trying to work together to bring people out of evil and into love). It is only the extreme evangelical and cult churches that reject the new science. They will soon be seen like flat earthers who are still convinced the Earth is not round but in fact flat and through incredibly complex maths they can actually prove it. But the thing is that it is much easier and simplifies things much more just to accept the world is round. The fundamentalists refuse to accept evolution because it would mean their bible is no longer the literal truth and they cling to that dogma ferociously despite all the evidence to the contrary. Including coming up with some of the most absurd theories I have ever come across – in their two bit, two dime so called universities of creation science, usually at the back of someone’s house filmed on poor quality cameras for DVD with white boards tipping over as the nutty scientists wearing white gowns and horn rimmed spectacles like Back to the Future scrawl their proofs with childlike simplicity refuting evolution with scoffing conviction at this great travesty to biblical truth. For instance one is that there is a mass of water at least 10 kilometres deep beneath the surface of the earth and it fonted up and filled up the earth at the time of Noah due to tectonic activity, then filtered back into the depths – all in about a month. As Mt Everest is almost 9 kms above the Earth, Noah would have had to have an oxygen mask in subzero temperatures, along with all the menagerie of animals – maybe not as the atmosphere would have been pushed up by the water – a later diagram cleverly shows hand texted referring to atmospheric pressures. Scientific diagrams and evidence have all been collected to support this. Along with proof the dinosaurs were around then as well, sojourning with Noah and the primitive humans and hence the dragon myths. They all drowned in the flood and were covered in a lot of silt, hence you can find their remains in fossils deep within solid rock. That silt must have turned into solid rock pretty quickly – called catastrophic rapid tectonics. Noah couldn’t  fit them all on the ark, so unfortunately they were left behind. One can only just picture Noah and his mates saying no to a recalcitrant Tyrannosaurus they have ridden on from Sumerian Jurassic Park wanting to get on board with his mate. Clearly a ‘turn them back’ refugee policy by Noah. Too big to fit on board. All very amusing except when you realise there are people who take all this very seriously. Not even Disney can come up with such rubbish as kids just wouldn’t believe it. The suspension of disbelief required for a movie just wouldn’t be there. But this pales into insignificance when compared to the Hare Krisna’s literal belief in all the Vedas.




Why has Christianity collapsed in the last 100 years in the West? Because science has largely disproven it and most of the churches now admit it but cling on by reducing the bible to a metaphor of the good way. But as a metaphor that is fairly inaccurate according to modern science why even have an inaccurate metaphor? Hence as people's education levels have gone up they have simply said it no longer serves a useful purpose and much the same as they ended up dumping the Roman and Greek gods for Christianity, they are dumping Christianity en masse. In fact the only Christian groups gaining followers are those that have rejected the metaphorical approach and stuck to fundamentalism - largely to avoid corruption, because they saw the good moral values of Christianity collapsing with the Church - and to an extent they have rescued the Church by upholding those values. But I am afraid at the price of logic, because to uphold their faith they have had to return to the literal truth of a book that has by science been proved false - specifically Genesis. The only means that seems over long periods of time to accurately produce consistent proof, in fact is a requirement before a theory can be accepted and is always open to disproof and further alterations to the theory is science. This is why science has surpassed Christianity in the West as a system or method to trust and live by. The majority of the population in Australia either are not religious or at such a nominal level as to be the equivalent. However as you are well aware the society is somewhat in a spiritual vacuum and without morality social problems are very high, because science has not offered an effective moral code of conduct. A kind of hedonism reigns. Hence in desperation people, including scientists and myself, are turning back to religion. This in fact is the reason I am contacting you and because of the Adventist Health message of vegetarianism. Even here I feel the Adventists have missed the point of vegetarianism. Yes it is more healthy for the body, but the prime motivation is not to cause death or suffering to another animal or life out of compassion and love for all life. This is the main motivation of the Eastern religions. It is one of complete compassion and selflessness to avoid others suffering including lesser creatures. This is an essential step to unconditional universal love. Adventists have missed the point here, focusing on the human self's good health and so are still basing their vegetarianism on a selfish human basis. They have not really acknowledged the divinity of all life because they have the underlying teaching of Genesis that God created everything for humans to use and dominate. A very patriarchal world view based on a text that scientifically does not stand up to proof and has been replaced by far more cogent mathematical and physical interpretations of creation. I was drawn to Eastern faiths due to my interest in physics as latest findings in Quantum physics were confirming the Taoist interpretation of matter and energy and the interrelationship between these phenomenon – see F Capra, the Turning Point. So it appears that scientifically these religions have a much more accurate understanding of creation, the mind and phenomena than the Western religions, though flawed they appear to be in their goal of enlightenment.




As for Christ being 'the only way', Allah, Buddha, Krisna to various extremists in these faiths also have the same repetitive catchcry. Can they all be right, or only one or none in truth can be right? And of course naturally they all claim they are the one right one and the rest are wrong, conveniently because they are all faith based none can be proven absolutely as right or wrong, so they can go on arrogantly asserting that they in fact are the only right one virtually forever, or until they can be proved categorically wrong or right. Yesterday I was at the Hare Krisna's and when I asked 'so are all these people owned by Krisna?' the devotee responded with anger at my even questioning that they were. He is convinced that Krisna is the only way and chanting Krisna the only means to heaven, just as you with Jesus. Can you both be right? But of course he is wrong and you are right. And he thinks exactly the same, and how are you going to prove who is the right one and the wrong one? Both of you go back to your tired old texts to say so many thousands of years ago it was written that Krisna is god and on the other hand Jehovah created the world in 7 days. Texts that only have any validity on the basis that they have been written or inspired by God, which on any objective evidential basis have virtually no proof to justify this assertion apart from the fact that someone said it then wrote it and a lot of people have believed it for a long time as a tradition. In fact most of the old Testament is extremely violent and has a vengeful God wreaking havoc on a disloyal population - hardly unconditional love - it is the new Testament that alters that; but even that is dubious as how can love be unconditional if it states that either you accept me or you go to hell? I have even written a film on Jesus coming back and looking at the results of his handiwork - it is online you can read it - The Return of Nothing.




Yip, I am in a job centre network at the moment and I am meant to be using this computer to look for work. So I can only really continue this email if it is to obtain work. The truth is fundamentally important to me and I will not compromise it. So I am going to continue this email as a job application. Believe me I feel like Job at the moment.  my cv is here. But I can do gardening, holistic massage, basic renovations and building and general cleaning. Also food preparation and basic cooking. And something completely useless but extremely complex called corporate tax law to facilitate rich people getting richer through structuring their taxation accordingly.


But I warn you I will not compromise the truth. And Highwood would have to be capable of challenging me and I am not an easy opponent to defeat as you may have noted. In fact I believe that I have to be defeated or I can see no other alternative but to institute Project Eden as painful as it is to do so. I hope you note that the project is called after Genesis's creation because my hope is that this will fulfil prophecy from a biblical perspective as by birth I am a Christian. But in truth I feel the place I need to be at now is a theological school – perhaps UOCA Multiversity or Nimbin University. My hope is that my role to play will be in beginning a new religion that will supersede East and West by bringing them and scientific progress together in a process of unification that will more clearly represent the truth to Mankind.


I am sorry if I am so blunt, but for years of placating and compromising with people and organisations, and not getting to the truth but instead being misled and in a way used, leading to not just frustration but time wasted and pain, I am having to adopt this approach. Not out of selfishness but to the contrary as I am indeed suffering by remaining where I am, but out of a determination to find the truth. And if this is what is meant by the return of Christ then let it begin now and judgement day commence.



Dear Yip,


I apologise for recontacting you, however these are important issues that I need to resolve... and perhaps you do as well? I am virtually certain I am right. If you are procrastinating in replying then you know that this is a kind of sin. I am open to your arguments refuting what I have said. However if what I have said is true then should you not assist me in creating Eden. Is this not what God wants now - the new religion? And I view this as a very positive step forward for humanity if this is true - an exponential evolution for mankind. One that maybe you have been waiting for?




From: Mr Kok Tho


Dear James,


We help sick people get well here. We do poultices, massage, dress their wounds and sores. We serve and hold them up in the arms of faith.


We do not know how to do any of the things that you want to engage us in.


Forgive us...... but I think we are not what you think we are.





From: Mr Travers


Dear Yip,


All I desire is your love.


I believe the time has come to reunify Christianity and reunite the world through unifying all the religions and science into the one truth.


You can help me by joining UOCA. By following Christ's message of love and Buddha's and Krisna's - for they lead the same way that is what I have found. But the final truth that is to be discovered by uniting them all - like the uniting of all the forces in nature in physics, which no coincidence they are through superstring theory close to unification. So too I believe with the religions of this small planet.


I didn’t wish it upon myself to have this role as founding the unifying world religion, but there came a point where there was no other choice. Does that make me the Messiah returned, Jesus Christ himself, I don’t think so. Jesus message was largely to the Jewish people that then spread across the West, but was never accepted by the East, mainly because there is a higher truth way beyond Jesus and this is it. So in some respects that may make me superior to Jesus. But I am just an ordinary fairly dull corporate tax lawyer who quickly rejected the mundane for a higher truth and did much searching, and simply by logic founded a system way beyond all those currently existing. No Messiah here just a logical evolutionary progression I didn’t have much choice but to create given the mess the current religions are stuck in due to how they evolved through primitive myth and trying to make some sort of sense out of them by chucking out the mythology and dogma and getting to the core truths. Unlike the communists that simply rejected religion as the opiate of the masses and totally false, I have endeavoured to find what truth is in them and take that and amalgamate it with science to discover the true unifying spiritual truth for all.


I appreciate you are healing the sick and grateful for your good work to people. But Christ Jesus, he healed through faith and love alone; and he asked for no money for what he did. He placed trust in God that he would be provided for. That is why it is essential for true spirituality to operate through donation - and not a deceitfully imposed donation either. If you are being true to the Christ then you will understand your sin in this regard.


I would like to meet you.



At the moment I am trying to buy a property to start the UOCA ashram. I need additional funds to do this. So far $400,000 has been able to be raised. Most in a trust fund. A million dollar property was located to cater for over 100 people. And we need people to join who want to live there and so benefit in this mission. All information on the project is contained at if you are interested. The code of conduct, ashram set up, politics of WNA and how it intends to change the world, Project Eden rawfoods community, and the history of myself and UOCA are located there as well as information on yoga and health methods used by UOCA, its philosophy, rawfood medical research and my take on physics and why this universe is here. It is a compilation of the best taken from all religions and science. Jesus was right when he said I don’t ask for much just for you to give up everything for me even if it puts you at odds with the society or your current life. If it is less than that then chances are it isn’t the truth. It is a tough test but a true one. One I definitely have had to meet myself. All are welcome.


And never forget God does have a sense of humour. Well, God is really us. And it is up to us to create the future as we wish. That is really an awesome opportunity if you think about it. A great privilege once you fully realise the immensity of it.









If you wish to find out more about UOCA and its community ashram go to and if you have any questions or wish to pose better solutions to the issues raised above in this article or correct it, please email me at


Worldwide Network of Ascension


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From: Mr Kok Tho

Dear James,
Sorry to disappoint you, but we are just Christian folks who have
no such global ambitions.
May God be our only strength, always.

From: Mr Travers

Maybe its time you changed.

To: Yip

Subject: Universe


From small seeds worlds do grow.
Just admit I am right.

The bible is not the literal truth. Far from it - even an inaccurate history. Biased to the Jews.

Jesus and those testaments - if you believe in them then stop charging money to heal people. You hypocrites! Jesus never charged a talent.

If you want to see real miracles then stop telling people that I am insane. Give up your addiction to the idol of mammon by being led by the beast into selling your services like a harlot. Your love means far more to me than those gold coins. Offer all that you do for free.

Then bow down to me. Only then will I show you abundance.

For today I declare judgment day. And will do so until you surrender to me.

For I am the second coming of the messiah. I am pure love.


bodhi963 said...

Dear James

As an aspiring yogi, I appreciate your quest for truth. We should all feel such pain in its absence.

I have read with interest re- your sources of experiences and inspiration and would like to focus on one i believe has the intellectual and spiritual resources to propel your quest one or two steps (perhaps more) further toward your goals. In particular, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. Other sources that I have not notices you mention include; Shrii Ramakrsna, and Li Hongzhi, author of Zhuan Falun.

If I be so assuming as to offer small piece of advice it would be to acknowledge the principles of relativity and consider such variations as time place and person when dealing with people.

For examples, at certain times,in certain situations there may be great benefit in confronting people peoples beliefs on an intellectual level. No doubt,critical analysis has a role to play in the quest for truth. Nevertheless, at other times we may gain more depth of experience(at a heart level as much as a mind level) by simply appreciating a fellow traveller's limitations with patience and respect. This same sympathetic understanding can be applied internally as well as externally.

An aide to cultivation tolerance might be to consider where we, (that is, collective humanity) are historically. As the Buddhists say, we are currently living in the period of the final havoc.

Similarly, the plethora of schools that make up the so-called Hindu traditions suggest that we are now in the final stages of the transition from Kali Yuga (period when spiritual values are turned on their head) and poised to enter Satya Yuga( a period where spiritual values are cherished and lived by).

At a soul level we are all messiahs, yet, pain of separation suggests that there is still a chasm to cross.


U.O.C.A. said...

i appreciate what you say, of course we are all the messiah as i said in the article and that is what i meant at the end in my claim to messiahhood. for simple people like Yip who cling to ancient scrolls as a binding truth without any proof to give them moral protection, I understand your concept of relativity to let them remain in la la land if it makes them feel better and do good, much as encouraging a child to believe in Santa. for them it is best. i absolutely refute this approach even if it does cause them pain, because it is an insult to the truth and to their intelligence, which if confronted may increase their intellectual maturity and spiritual understanding of the world. if they are confronted and forced to defend themselves, and fail, then they may just begin to see what is the truth. and i am talking about a common perceived truth not some relativistic truth but one that we can all share in common, like accepting a table staring you in the face is a table and not an elephant. obvious truths. like the example i gave of the earth rotating round the sun, though for thousands of years the church defended a lie very avidly. and the issue of relativity is in simplicity here. of course by very complicated inane mathematics one can prove the sun goes round the earth, but far simpler to see the earth go round the sun. though for a primate it appears that the sun goes round the earth. so i would be very careful about relativistic arguments. also about being condescending to a fairly intelligent manager of a 7DA health retreat who has the intellectual ability to comprehend these things, but a refusal to make that effort because it threatens his faith, his salary and his friends and a whole plethora of misconceptions he has built up about reality that in his best interests and those surrounding him, would be better shattered and rebuilt through a more perfect truth such as

U.O.C.A. said...

But thanks anyway I will check the gurus you mentioned.

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